Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hello World

Nothing too fancy to start. This blog was my wife's idea, and I think it will be a good forum for us both to get some stuff off our chests. We're both squarely in the category labeled by some as "Moderate," but we'd prefer to call ourselves "Progressives." What's the difference? Well, to some extent I think Moderates are happy with the status quo and are looking to preserve it, while Progressives are interested in embracing change and moving forward -- with sensible policies and decisions that will benefit society as a whole. Feel free to disagree with my brief description of Moderates; it's just my own way of sorting through labels, and I'm open to alternate definitions. I certainly don't want to look like I'm criticizing Moderates in any way. On the contrary; I think we need more of them (as well as more Progressives).

Anyway, my wife and I are Progressive Catholics. We deeply love our faith, but we're both concerned that conservative forces are acting on it in ways that will be bad for Catholicism as well as the world (or at least the U.S.). Of course there are many conservative forces acting on the USA these days, and we're plenty concerned about them as well. We'll use this blog as sort of a sounding board to let people know what we think is wrong, how we'd like to fix it, and show the world that there are voices of reason out there, even though many times they are drowned out by extremists on both sides of the political spectrum.

So, we hope you like the blog, and we welcome your comments. Just one request: try to play nice. While we may make it clear when we don't like someone, our goal is to never stoop to personal attacks or threats. Our whole point is that we respect other people's opinions. Many times these opinions, even if we don't agree with them 100%, will shape our own, and we encourage well-reasoned rebuttals.

Thanks for reading.


At 5/11/2005 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I share your concerns re:

"…we're both concerned that conservative forces are acting on it in ways that will be bad for Catholicism as well as the world (or at least the U.S.)."

Militant Christians (a.k.a. the Religious Right, Christian Coalition, and other affiliates of that ilk) are talking a lot these days about getting back to the Founding Fathers and their "original" intent to make this country a Christian nation. Nevermind, for the moment that this is an attempt to write revisionist history and destroy the concept of separation of church and state. The most insidious danger in this suggestion is that when you do look at what the Founding Fathers had to say on the topic of religion and politics you discover rampant and vitriolic anti-Catholic bigotry.

Catholics who have climbed onto the bandwagon with these militant Christian groups for whatever reason would do well to investigate their partnership more carefully. Catholics are not considered Christians by most of these that begs the question of what would happen to the Catholic population if the U.S. were to become a "Christian nation"?

For an idea of what was actually said and a reminder of what society that espoused such views was like to live in, read: “The Separation of Church & State” by Frank Church. Let’s not let history repeat itself.


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