Friday, November 18, 2005

Congress Should be Ashamed

The House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill that cuts $50 million from the budget in the name of deficit relief. A fine and worth goal, except that the money is coming out of programs that help the poor such as Food Stamps, Medicare, the school lunch program, and student loan funding, among others. It is a disgrace that this could take place, especially after the visibility of impoverished Americans was made so obvious after hurricane Katrina.

It made me especially mad that originally there was a measure included that would cut Food Stamps and school lunches from the same families. Thankfully that was removed (now only food stamps will be cut from those families), so at least some children will be able to get at least one hot meal a day during the week, but the fact it was in there at all offends me to my core.

Another thing that offends me is the pork bill that was signed into law a few months ago. Not one Congressman stepped up and offered to give up their pet programs in the name of budget relief. One Congressman (I think he was from Nebraska) literally threw a tantrum on the House floor about the issue. Shame on everyone who voted for this bill.

Finally, in another week or so they will vote to extend some of Bush's tax cuts to the wealthy (capital gains, etc). The net result will wipe out any gains the deficit would receive from this spending cut and in fact add more to the deficit. So this "reverse Robin Hood" bill makes it perfectly clear where the priorities of the Republican Party lie. (Not a single Democrat voted for this bill.) Screw the poor and pass me another turkey leg I guess.


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