Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hagee Apologizes to Catholics

In an obvious bid to end a potentially controversial endorsement before the mainstream press even notices, Rev Hagee sent an apology to the Catholic League for statements he made equating the Catholic church to whores. Bill Donohue accepted the apology.

Where to start... Well, first, I'm doubting he would have apologized if this had not been an election year. It's not like he said these things last week. His inflammatory statements go back several years. Why has he not "seen the light" before now?

And since when is Bill Donohue the one to apologize to if you offend Catholics? How about the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, or, um, what's his name... Oh yeah: THE POPE? Donohue represents a fringe group of Catholics who'd like to tell us all what we should and should not believe, watch, or read. He has no official role in the Church, and he's certainly not the only Catholic offended by Hagee's statements.

Clearly it's all politics. Now Donohue can recommend that Catholics can vote for McCain with a clear conscience, and McCain likely gets out of a jam.

Do you think Obama would get off so easy if Rev Wright suddenly apologized? Somehow I don't think so.


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