Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Scare Tactics and Misrepresentation

In yet another attempt to frighten voters away from Obama by distorting reality, the McCain camp released an incorrect ad claiming that Obama favors "comprehensive sex education" for Kindergarten students. They also falsely claim a sex-ed bill (which wasn't sponsored by Obama and didn't actually pass) was his "one accomplishment" in education while in the Illinois legislature.

No need for me to go into details of the smear ad, as they are very well-covered in the New York Times and on (which, BTW, is one of several new additions to our list of links in the right column).

The ad also cites criticism of Obama by Education Week, but it failed to note that the same issue also said some positive things about Obama. Oh yeah -- the ad also left out that Education Week "complained that McCain offered 'a laundry list of fairly vague answers' on how to improve schools and did not make education a priority. 'McCain is a campaign-finance, foreign-relations, anti-abortion, tax-cut candidate,' the magazine said. 'Education is not his thing.'" (Quote from the NYT article linked above.)

Once again, without any real plans of his own, McCain is still resorting to making stuff up to attempt to scare voters away from Obama. This pathetic "campaigning" would be almost funny if it wasn't likely to work -- more people will probably see those false attack ads than the NYT or articles discrediting them.


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