Monday, October 13, 2008

Twenty Questions: Social Justice Quiz 2008

From the website The Zoo, Twenty Questions: Social Justice Quiz 2008

This may make you squirm. It asks questions you may not know (or want to know) the answers to. It starts off with these:

Q. How many deaths are there worldwide each year due to acts of terrorism?

A: More than 22,000 last year. 1/2 were Muslim.

Q: How many deaths are the worldwide each day due to poverty and malnutrition?

A: About 25,000 every DAY.

More explanation to the answers at the site. You'll also find questions about CEO compensation, in how many cities in the US full-time minimum wage workers can afford rent and utilities, what percentage of the homeless are children, and how many people have died trying to cross the border between Mexico and Arizona.

Not always easy answers, but important to know.


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